South Mountain Log Homes & Construction. Jason & Christina Huitt

How Much Can You Afford?

For easiest use, print this page and then fill in your information. Enter whole number values. Follow the mathematical instructions to determine how much home you can afford.


If you plan on using money from the sale of an existing property, enter the amount here.


Enter the amount of savings you plan to put into the project.


Figure your gross annual household income. If interest rates are above 9%, multiply your income figure by 2. If interest rates are 9% or below, multiply your income figure by 2.5. Enter the final number here.

Sub Total

Add the three figures above and enter the sum here.


Enter the amount you owe on the property you plan to build on. If you haven't bought land yet, enter the estimated cost here.


Subtract the Land amount from the Sub Total and enter the difference here. This is approximately how much you can afford for your home.

Estimated Cost: Square Foot Method

If you know the approximate square footage of living space in the home, multiply that figure by $120.00 and $160.00 to establish a range for the project's estimated cost.