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Financial Planning



Financing Your Dream

The following finance companies are easy to work with and are very friendly to the idea of log home financing. Their interest rates are comparable to other banks and they will also allow the owners to do some of the work themselves, although you may have to demonstrate that you have the necessary skills.

Please contact us and we can put you in touch with an individual at the institution of your choice.

Wells Fargo

Log Home Lenders of America


Financial Planning
The best way to avoid disappointment when planning to purchase any home, is to first determine how much home you can afford. The following will help you determine:

1. Your maximum home budget
2. The cost of your home project

  • If your budget number is equal to or higher than your home project number, then the home you want can realistically be yours.
  • On the other hand, if your budget number is lower than your home project cost, then revisions to your home plans may be necessary.

To determine the best method for your calculations, please follow the appropriate link below:

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Otherwise, grab a calculator and a pencil and click here.

Click here to see an example before you start.

How do log homes and conventional homes
compare in pricing:

If the two homes have the same footprint and the same features, the price will be very close. However, you seldom see heavy timber roofs, wood covered walls, cathedral ceilings and lofts in a conventional home.
Building either home requires land, septic, permits, well, foundation, labor, electrical, plumbing, finishing, cabinets, floors, driveway, roof, heating and air conditioning, maybe a fireplace, and additional stone work.

If cost is an issue, you can bring the cost of the home down by using: lower ceilings, carpeting vs. hardwoods, drywall instead of wood for wall coverings, and building up instead of out.

A log home in the our area regardless of which company you choose will cost you anywhere from $130-$160+ a square foot (on average), depending on how much sweat equity you choose to put into the home.

A log home package from Timberhaven Log Homes, which is the single most complete package in the industry will average about $60.00 - $75.00 per square foot. This material already supplied will save you from purchasing all the other components retail which will cost you more in the end.

Every home is unique and pricing will differ accordingly depending on the ammenities used. Since South Mountain Log Homes & Construction, Inc. is just not a builder, but a dealer as well - we can give you a realistic turn key price on building your dream home.