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  • Options for your log home package
    Roof Systems
    Depending on the design of the model, Timberhaven Log Homes have four roof options from which to choose; beam & purlin, 6x8 rafter, 2x cathedral, and pre-fab truss. All roof systems are standard with R-38 insulation.

    Beam & Purlin
    Beam & purlin roof systems are a striking characteristic of log home design. With heavy timber beam purlins, rafter assemblies and rigid foam insulation, this roof system completes the rustic feel of log home living.
    2x Cathedral
    The 2x cathedral roof system allows for the true cathedral look that is synonymous with log homes, while assuring the flexibility of conventional framing for a more complex roof system.
    6 x 8 Rafter
    The 6x8 rafters form a robust roof system with exposed heavy timber rafter assemblies, complemented with exposed gusset plates to add that old time cathedral feel. Included is rigid foam insulation which assures one of the most energy efficient yet striking roof systems available.
    Pre-Fab Flat Truss
    The pre-fabricated trusses offer ease of construction for that DIY builder and are available in many different styles from scissor, to flat, to vaulted.

    Optional Components
    Timberhaven Log Homes offer several optional components, such as half-log stairs, heavy timber stairs, solid log fillers and round railing. Contact your local authorized sales representative for additional details.

    Half-Log Stairs
    include round log stringers with pre-cut saddles and 10" half-log treads
    Heavy-Timber Stairs
    are an open riser system with massive 4"x 12" stringers with 4" x 10" treads
    Solid-Log Corner Fillers
    are available in several profiles (8" x 8" Super Double Round shown)
    Round Log Railings
    add rustic charm with 8" posts, 4" rails and 2" spindles

    Log profile options
    Log Styles - Select from more than sixty distinctive log combinations available in five different sizes, including the popular 6x8, 8" Round Swedish Cope, 6x12, 8x6 and 8x8. Specify a profile and corner preference, per the combinations listed below. An optional hand-hewn finish (inside or outside) is available for most profiles.

    6" x 8" Log Styles - The 6" x 8" log styles are available in six different profiles and includes the D-Profile, a perennial favorite among buyers. This profile has been milled for many years. Learn More »
    6" x 12" Log Styles - Steeped in tradition, Timberhaven Log Homes' hefty 6" x 12" logs feature intricate detailing, plus a variety of chinking groove options. Three profiles are currently available, but the saddle notch corner option is currently unavailable in this size log.
    Learn More »
    8" x 6" Log Styles - Timberhaven Log Homes' 8" x 6" logs give a more massive appearance than the 6" x 8" profiles. The D-Profile (illustrated below) is a stouter version of the 6" x 8" profile and the Super Double Round adds a gently curved interior surface. Learn More »
    8" x 8" Log Styles - The 8" x 8" log styles are chosen by buyers preferring more massive logs. The Super Double Round profile (illustrated below) is popular with buyers who want a massive log with a gently curved interior surface.
    Learn More »
    Swedish Cope Log Styles - Timberhaven Log Homes' unique 8" Swedish Cope round log profile can be chinked on the inside, outside or both. Round loft joists, decorative ceiling beams and porch posts are included with this package. Learn More »